Premium Motor Spirit, also known as petrol or gasoline, is used to power internal combustion engines mostly in vehicles and generators. Generated from crude distillation, our PMS consists of organic compounds and additives that enhances engine performance.

  •  Is compatible with all fuel vehicles.
  • Is a superior quality fuel thanks to the additives included in its composition.

Petrol is the most demanded petroleum product in Nigeria. It remains the fuel of choice for motorists and small scale businesses. We are on the verge of supplementing Federal Government’s supply by importing the product to meet the huge national consumption.
The Propel outlets provide the convenient retail channel for this product. With our stations located in every zone of the country, we are poised to continues provide this product across the country. We also offer dedicated product delivery under our Value Added Delivery scheme to businesses across the country.

Profund Energy Resources Limited plans to provide the much needed energy for powering transport. With global urbanization comes the increase in vehicles and the need to power them. Petrol still remains the wide spread fuel for cars and with an increasing demand for cars so would there be an increase in demand for petrol.Our petrol sourced from quality refineries and meeting all local specifications provides that energy. Profund Energy Resources Limited through its ever growing supply chain and service stations aims to bring energy to the average Nigerian.